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Antique Pullman Train Railroad Boxcar Stained Glass Arched Windows

Posted on April 6, 2019 in antique


Antique 1800s Pullman Train Boxcar. Today I have this Incredible Salvaged Antique for Sale. This isnt Just Any Ordinary. They came from a Luxurious Pullman Train Car. They Actually Belongs in a Museum but it could belong to You. Currently working on listing… Any questions please ask. The Stained Glass Windows from a Pullman Train […]

9 x 36 Rose Flowers Handcrafted stained glass window panel

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Every piece of our gorgeous Handcrafted window panel is handcrafted with hand cut stained glasses, each piece of glass is using copper foil wrapped around by hand individually, then soldered together. These handcrafted panels can be hung in a window, glass door, inserted into wood doors, or integrated as a room divider. Every window panel […]