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Antique Stained Glass Transom Window Arched Top 43 X 22 Salvage

Posted on February 27, 2020 in antique


This is a great window that was salvaged from a Philadelphia Victorian Home. It has great colors and design. The glass and framed have an arched top. The frame has a wood core wrapped in custom formed metal to match it’s original profile, this was done a long time ago, not a recent addition. It […]

Ecclesiastical Stained Glass Large Gothic Church Window Amber Glass

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Please let us know if you have any questions. Large Three Piece Gothic Amber Glass Church Window Set. The set is sturdy and sound and the glass is fully intact. The set will require some rehab. New Glazing and Painting and your are ready to impress everyone with this spectacular set! See Photos for Details. […]

Stained Glass Techniques How To Make Lettering On Stained Glass Windows

Posted on February 26, 2020 in stained



Stained Glass Window Mountain Round Stormy Tree Blue Green Gold Black

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Hooks are included for hanging. This is also available in additional sizes. This is our most popular designs and the wave was recently added to create an ocean theme. Each window is unique, the background glass is hand mixed and each piece is different. The background color is a swirled mixture of purple, turquoise and […]


2 Antique Leaded Glass Ornate Wood Cabinet Pantry Doors Windows Shabby Green

Posted on February 25, 2020 in antique


A beautiful pair of shabby, faded perfect shade of green, distressed painted ornate leaded glass window cabinet or pantry doors. They each measure approximately 22″ W x 37 1/2″ T (including feet) or 34 T, without feet. The actual leaded glass in each measures about 28″ T x 17″ W. Imperfections, such as paint loss, […]


Antique Stained Leaded Glass Transom Sidelight Window Circa 1920 49 x 14

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Antique Stained Leaded Glass Transom Sidelight Window Circa 1920 49″ x 14″. Antique Stained Leaded Glass Transom Window Circa 1920. This window measures 49″ x 14 1/4″ and the glass only is 45″ x 10″. The window has no cracks or breaks and is in good condition for the age. The glass could use a […]


Pair of Antique Chicago 1920’s Stained Leaded Glass Transom Windows 34 by 19

Posted on February 24, 2020 in pair


Pair of Antique Chicago 1920’s Stained Leaded Glass Transom Windows 34″ by 19″. Pair of Antique Chicago 1920’s Stained Leaded Glass Windows? . Each window measures 34″ wide by 19″ tall and the glass only is 30″ by 14″. Each window has one crack in the same spot. The glass could use a detailed cleaning. […]


Handcrafted stained glass Clear Beveled window panel 20 x 20

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This gorgeous Tiffany style window panel is handcrafted with hand cut stained glasses, each piece of glass is wrapped around with Zinc Came by hand individually and soldered together. These handcrafted panels can be hung in a window, glass door, inserted into wood doors, or integrated as a room divider. Every window panel is individually […]


Antique Gothic Mayer Of Munich Stained Glass Window From A Closed Church Jj874

Posted on February 23, 2020 in antique


A Antique gothic Meyer of Munich Stainglass window over 100 years old 27 1/2 x 22 1/2 there is some damage you can see in the photograph from a closed. FROM EUROPE TO YOU, INC WILL NOT ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY MERCHANDISE DAMAGES OCCURRING DURING TRANSIT BY ANY SHIPPER. OUR MAIN NY SHOWROOM IS LOCATED […]


One Pattern Making Stained Glass Leaded Window Making Techniques Mpg

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