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Antique Church Multi-colored Stained Glass Window HOLY BIBLE 24 x 25

Posted on November 30, 2021 in antique


Antique church multi-colored stained glass window with amazing coloration. This beautiful stained glass window was removed for a closing church a 10 years ago. It measures 24″ wide x 25″ tall. The glass in is good condition, however, loose in some areas of the frame, see photos. I have another window removed from the same […]

Antique 17 Lite 28×35 Stained Glass Victorian Window Sash Old Vintage 530-20E

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Nice antique 17 pane stained colored glass window. Great colors Ruby, Lime Green, Amber, and light Amethyst around the outside edges with a large clear wavy glass center. Two of the small stained glass panes are missing. There is old chipped and worn white paint on both sides. The original glaze is crumbling and falling […]

Lead Vs Copper Foil Two Stained Glass Styles Methods

Posted on November 29, 2021 in lead



Large handmade stained and beveled glass colorful peacock window panel with hook

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Large handmade stained and beveled glass colorful peacock window panel with hooks for hanging. The panel can also be built into a door or window. This is a gorgeous piece that has everything going for it: beautiful design, colorful stained glass, jewels and beveled and obscure glass. This handmade panel would be a welcome addition […]


Rare Antique Thick Stained Glass Transom Window Rossbach & Sons Patd. 1910

Posted on November 28, 2021 in rare


RARE ANTIQUE THICK STAINED GLASS TRANSOM WINDOW ROSSBACH & SONS PATD. Awesome Stained Glass Window in fairly good antique condition. Pieces of he putty on the back side has cracked. In spots and several pieces missing which makes the glass shift forward in spots but can be re puttied to to make it more stable. […]


25 Diy Stained Glass Projects To Try

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Beveled Stained Glass Window Panel, Hanging 17.5 x10.5 Buckaroo Blue

Posted on November 27, 2021 in beveled


Beveled Stained Glass Window Panel, 17. 5×10.5 Buckaroo Blue. Absolutely stunning Nothing refracts light into rainbow like the slanted edges of the bevels colors will dance in the Window illuminating walls and floors. COLOR IS TO THE EYE WHAT MUSIC IS TO THE EAR (Louis Comfort Tiffany) Enjoy. Panel measures approximately 17. 1/2″ X 10 […]


Antique Stained Glass Window 31 X 29

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This is a somewhat unusual stained glass window from my collection. As our son has moved out we are empty nesters figuring out what is next. I felt it was unusual and after 20 years of collecting I have yet to see an other one like it. There are approx 12-16 small cracks mostly at […]


Pouring Resin For A Massive Countertop

Posted on November 26, 2021 in pouring



23.8 x 15.4 Peacock Tiffany Style Stained Glass Window Panel

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LILLIBETH, a Tiffany-glass window panel features a gorgeous peacock design, that will bring a chic beauty to any room. Hand crafted from over 155 pieces of art glass and 16 glass beads. Main colors are gray, blue and green. Colors of the glass will appear darker and less vibrant when not illuminated. Handmade glass will […]